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Mental Health &

Welcome to our exclusive online platform, devoted to curating and offering concise assessments in the areas of both

Mental Health and Christian Spirituality.

The Assessments

Mental Health Assessments

Mental Health Assessments

Our Mental Health Assessments are meticulously grounded in the DSM-5 criteria, the foremost authoritative classification system in psychiatry, complemented by insights from contemporary psychological literature, ensuring a rigorous and informed examination of mental well-being. While these assessments do not replace the need for professional evaluation, they effectively simulate diagnostic criteria, thereby simplifying the process of identifying symptoms.

Spiritual Warfare Assessments

Spiritual Assessments

Delving into the sacred corpus of Christian spiritual literature, our Spiritual Assessments draw from canonical biblical texts and a diverse array of esteemed Christian literary works. This rigorous foundation establishes a comprehensive approach to exploring the dimensions of spiritual warfare and spirit identification.


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