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Sharpen Your Discernment

Spiritual Warfare
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Identifying the spiritual influences at work in a person's life is an essential part of spiritual discernment and warfare. Each individual is seen as a spiritual being influenced by a myriad of spiritual forces, and understanding these forces can have profound impacts on their emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


Some spiritual influences are positive, such as the Holy Spirit or angelic beings dispatched by God, encouraging growth, love, and connection with Christ. However, others can be harmful or negative, seeking to create disconnection, disillusionment, despair, and ultimately destruction.


Engaging in spiritual warfare is about recognizing these negative forces, resisting their influence, and seeking to align more fully with the positive forces of God's love, truth, and grace. This involves prayer, the use of scripture, the application of faith, and the power of Jesus' name.


It's a process that involves both defensive and offensive strategies, seeking not only to guard one's own spirit but also to reclaim areas of life where harmful spirits may have gained influence. Therefore, identifying the correct spirits operating in a person's life is crucial to maintaining spiritual balance and health. Use these assessments to identify these demonic spirits and pray more accurately.

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